CALL NOW : (904) 731-8811

CALL NOW : (904) 731-8811

The Obi's Story

Our company started 65 years ago out of a small service station & auto repair garage in Jacksonville, Florida on March 1, 1954. Edward L. Obi, Sr. founded Obi’s Auto Repair & Parts company. He specialized in both major and minor auto repairs. Obi’s also had a small remanufacturing room to rebuild its own brand of rebuilt auto parts: carburetors, starters, alternators, generators, fuel pumps, master cylinders, water pumps, and more.

In 1968 Obi’s became the second Datsun (now known as Nissan) dealer in America and was the first Subaru dealer in the US in 1971 so that is how my love for cars and the parts business was born.

Our brand was boxed and sold in our auto parts stores in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as Obi Re-manufactured Products. Today we are known as National Carburetors and the core of or business is remanufacturing carburetors. We have the largest core bank in the US. We ship under many brand names per our wholesale customers request. If you have bought a carburetor from your local parts store, then it probably can from us.

Over sixty years later, Edward L. Obi Jr. still has interest the company, and has built the business into one of the largest rebuilding factories in world producing hundreds of units every day for most of the top auto parts chains in your town as well as having distributors in over seven countries worldwide.

Today we still remanufacture a full line of Domestic, Foreign, Marine, Industrial, Antique, and PWC Carburetors of any year, make, or model engine. This wide range of carburetors we produce is why we are the leader in the business.

In 2005 Eddie, Jr. started Obi Motorsports. We mainly sell Hot rods, Classics, and Exotic cars. We realized we needed a large indoor space to sell these cars, so when we decided to move the carburetor factory, the dream of having a large showroom came into view. Then the boss (aka my wife) said the 21,000 square foot space was too big to just sell cars, and that you should offer some of the space to your other car crazy friends to help cover the rent, thus Obi’s Garage 54 was born.

Obi’s Garage 54 will offer up to 70 spaces for rent on a month to month basis for my "car crazy" friends, as well as a Car Club.

Obi’s Garage 54 Car Club membership includes many car friendly extra’s that you don’t get from other car club memberships. Members can stop by check on their car and enjoy our VIP lounge, receive discounts on storage, discounts on performance parts from our full line speed shop that is within the same building, Discounts at all local NAPA Auto Parts Stores, Discounts on Buying your next dream car or Sell your car through us at Obi Motorsports, Discounts at many local Restaurants, Discounts on Towing services, Discounts on Event space here at Obi’s Garage 54 event center, and much more.

Join The Club Today. Special Deals For New Members, Call Now! 6500 Bowden Road Suite 300 Jacksonville, FL 32216 (904) 731-8811
6500 Bowden Road Suite 300 Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 731-8811

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